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Babymel Baby bags

How Babymel started.

There was once a little girl called Melanie, who had an even littler brother, Melvin. They lived with their mummy Suzi in a very tall, very narrow terraced house in Camden Town in North London. Their home was a bright shade of sunflower yellow.

It was the Spring of 2006, and Melanie and Melvin liked nothing more than trips out with Suzi to the park, the playground, a museum or the nearby shops.

The problem was that Suzi tended to get a little bit frantic before leaving the house, and time would often slip away while bottles, clothes, keys and toys were stuffed beneath their buggy, into mummy’s poor handbag and sometimes even into the arms of Melanie and Melvin, who hated carrying anything!

One day, Melanie and Melvin came up with a brilliant plan! What their mummy needed was a bag with lots of pockets and room for nappies, wipes, snacks and toys, much like Mary Poppins, which would hold all of her belongings too. They carefully drew her a picture of the bag they had imagined, and called it ‘Babymel’.

Suzi was delighted, and added to the design wipe-clean linings, a padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder and built in stroller straps as extra features to help them on their adventures together. She took the drawing to her friend Amanda, who was very crafty and an excellent seamstress. Together they made the first Babymel bag, which was called the Amanda bag in her honour.

When Suzi showed her friends her Babymel bag, they were all in awe of it, and begged her to design more bags to suit their needs. So came the Katie bag, the Ella, the Ruby, Wendy and the Camden Carryall. The X2 was made especially for twins, and even won Suzi an award for its innovative design! For dads, Suzi designed the Compton and the Soho Messenger. Life had never been more fun!

In the September of 2012, on the morning of Melvin’s first day at school, Suzi presented her beloved children, who had brought her so much joy, with their own little bags to help them on their new adventures together. As Suzi watched them skip off into the school’s playground, and headed home to work on her latest designs, she felt very happy indeed.


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Baby Changing Bags

Looking for a baby changing bag? why not check out our new collection of bags in a range of colours and styles at very reasonable prices!

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BabaBing are a team of designers who design inspirational, modern, practical and reasonably priced baby products to help the everyday parent!

Each member of the BabaBing team have vasts amount of experience whether it be in, Product Design or Sales so that each product that is developed ticks all the right boxes in design, quality and price!

They don’t just design changing bags, they design lots of other baby products rockers, high chairs, changing mats, bottle warmers, bean bags a wide selection of fantastic priced products.


Babymel started in 2006 when a girl called Melanie, decided to design a water proof bag for her mother to carry nappys, bottles, keys clothes etc around when they went out. Once the bag was finished she shows her friends who loved it so she decided to start her own business of designing bags and other baby products. You buy her deigns in a wide range of sizes and colours.

In 2012 Melanie started to design school bags and lunch boxes to match.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston started a small shop in 1997, now her business has grown and grown!She has 59 stores across the UK, and 54 stores across Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Cath Kidston designs changing bags in lots of different colours and designs from flowers, spots and patch work designs which are very eye catching and trendy
Baby style

BabyStyle works very closely with the very best factories and designers from around the world to bring you both innovative and contemporary designs, along with some more traditional and classical looking designs as well, a mixture of both!

They have a brand policy to create sensibly priced award winning products that really have the wow factor whilst never compromising on incredibly high standards of safety and control for you and your child.

Baby style design Prams, furniture, cot beds, Bags all in a wide range of pattern and colour!


UPPAbaby is an American based company on a mission to make the smartest, stylish and sleek baby products for todays market.

With two decades of experience in the juvenile, sports and automotive industries, Bob and Lauren Monahan founded UPPAbaby in 2006 to create products that make life with babies and kids simpler, more fashionable, and even more fun.

Every UPPAbaby product is built to the highest standards of quality and safety, using only the best materials and fabrics. They add smart features and innovative design to make our products versatile, adaptable, and easy to use.

They design prams, carry cots, pushchairs, strollers, and lots of baby accessories including changing bags.

Silver Cross

Silver cross started in 1877 when William Wilson, invented the world’s first baby carriage. It was developed an innovative spring system – the now-famous bouncing Silver Cross suspension – and combined this with a reversible hood to create the first-ever modern pram.

The name Silver Cross has long been associated with royalty, first supplying a pram for King George VI.

Silver Cross soon gained a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and design and grew to become one of the industry’s biggest exporters worldwide.

By the mid-1900s, the company was renowned for producing the world’s most exclusive baby prams better known as the Rolls-Royce of prams. They also make a more modern verse of the big silver cross which is smaller, compact but still has the bouncy movement to rock the baby to sleep!

They design luxury changing bags in a range of colours and designs that match with the pram.

Pink lining

Practically perfect & perfectly practical changing bags which are beautiful inside and out! Pink Lining baby changing bags are designed to be as practical as they are stylish. The thoughtful and beautiful designs aim to make you happy when you use them.

Pacapod Changing Bag

PacaPod is the only baby changing bag on the market with the clever 3 in 1 design (designed by a Mum), it clips onto your pram, works as a designer baby bag, cool bag, mini changing bag and changing mat all rolled into one.

The PacaPod Luxury range of changing bags are made with all the most indulgent fabrics and trims. Every detail has been considered and crafted to create must have changing bags that will take you well beyond the baby years. With the designer leather or silky microfibre exterior, no-one will ever know it’s a baby bag and hidden inside the brains behind the brand, the ingenious 3in1 feeder & changer pod system.

PacaPod sets the standard for baby changing bags and is a master in it’s on design. So much innovation has led to many awards and is perfect for travelling with twins / triplets to make life a bit easier for you!