Maximum 55x40x20cm & 35x20x20cm Hand Luggage 2 Piece Set Cabin Bags


SKU: d02e3682f847


All Ryanair passengers are entitled to bring a piece of hand luggage that fits within a 55x40x20cm size limit, as well as a second smaller bag, up to a maximum of 35x20x20cm. The suitcase is exactly 55x40x20cm to allow you to pack the maximum for your Ryanair flight, and will also fit within the restrictions of several other major airlines, such as Easyjet and British Airways. The Aerolite brand is renowned for producing ultra-lightweight luggage; helping thousands of holidaymakers beat weight restrictions at the check in gate. By reducing the weight of the suitcases, it allows travellers to pack more and to avoid excess baggage costs. Made from high-quality, rip-resistant polyester fabric, the case is hard-wearing and designed to stand up to the rigours of modern transportation. The lightweight frame, two wheels and retractable handle make transporting the case as easy and simple as possible. Inside the case, you’ll find an attractive branded interior lining, with multiple compartments to store key items and packing straps to hold your belongings in place. We also include a 3-digit combination barrel padlock for added security. Plus, with a fantastic 10-year guarantee on all our Aerolite soft shell suitcases, you can buy with absolute confidence. The second-bag Holdall has been specifically designed to meet Ryanair’s second bag limit of 35x20x20cm, ensuring you’ll be able to pack as much as you’re entitled to on each trip, and avoid any excess baggage charges from over-packing your main hand luggage. It slots perfectly out of the way under your seat, and will be ideal for housing essentials for the journey such as headphones, snacks, books, money and your electronic devices. It features an adjustable shoulder strap, which allows you to conveniently carry your bag on your shoulder when you board the plane. It also has a top handle for easy carrying by hand. A handy front zipped compartment allows you to store essential item