Aerolite Super Lightweight 8 Wheel Spinner Suitcases Cases – Set of 2


SKU: eb42be811820


The Aerolite brand is renowned for producing ultra lightweight luggage suitcases, helping thousands of holidaymakers beat weight restrictions at the check in gate.Ê By reducing the weight of the suitcases, it allows travellers to pack more of their possessions, avoiding excess baggage cots, and peace of mind. In addition, with a fantastic 10-year guarantee on all items, you can really buy an Aerolite piece of luggage with confidence This check-in sized suitcase is ideal for those who need a reliable piece of luggage that looks the part. To aid with stability and greater performance, this spinner suitcase features 8 wheels rather than the standard 4. By doubling the number of wheels, the bag benefits from greater support, and increased reliability. Made from a high-quality Polyester material, the material is hardwearing, meaning itÕll stand up to any bumps or scratches that itÕs subjected to whist travelling. The suitcase features a smart-looking, but sturdy, titanium telescopic trolley handle, which retracts all the way back inside the case when not in use. Inside the case, youÕll find an attractive branded interior lining, with multiple compartments to store key items, packing straps to hold your belongings in place and an branded number lock which will help secure your bags zips together in order to safe-guard access to your bag.ÊÊ