Aerolite SMART Suitcase USB Port, Bluetooth TSA Lock, Built-In Scales


SKU: 8990dcdcfa68


GET SMART! The world is getting smarter. Why can’t your luggage be smart too? The new SMART suitcases from Aerolite fuse strong, ultra-secure ABS hard shell protection with modern technology to enhance your travelling experience. FEATURES EXPLAINED CHARGER PORT (Features On: ABS405, ABS425, ABS435) These suitcases include a built-in USB charger port on the side of the unit. Simply place a USB powerpack (you can provide your own, or purchase the suitcase + powerpack bundle) into the handy pocket provided inside the suitcase, and connect up with the supplied micro USB cables. You can then charge your phone or tablet on the go! You can also charge your USB powerpack via the line-in port, without needing to take it out of the suitcase. BLUETOOTH LOCK (Features On: ABS405, ABS425) These suitcases feature our innovative new Smartlock technology. Simply download the app, pair your suitcase and you’re ready to go. With our easy-to-use, password-protected app, you can lock and unlock your suitcase with a tap of a button. Or why not switch to automatic mode? In automatic mode, your suitcase will automatically unlock itself when it is within Bluetooth range, and lock itself when it moves out of range. You can also enable notifications on your mobile, which will notify you when your suitcase enters or leaves your location. The lock is supplied with an emergency key in case your mobile device fails, and the lock is TSA-approved too for easy clearance to the United States! WEIGHING SCALES (Features On: ABS405, ABS425) These suitcases feature a built-in digital luggage scale in the top carry handle. It is incredibly simple to use, and weight measurements can be made in seconds. Weight displayed includes the weight of the suitcase itself, and units can be displayed in Kilograms (Kg), Pounds (lb) or ounces (oz) to 2 decimal places. The scale also features an auto-off function to conserve battery. PARKING BRAKE (Features On: ABS405) The ABS405 f