5 Cities Small 35 x 20 x 20 cm Holdall Flight Bag, Set of 2 Wine Navy


SKU: 3098634bcb9b


5 CITIES 35X20X20CM RYANAIR MAXIMUM CABIN LUGGAGE _Includes: 2x 35x20x20 Holdalls  _ All Ryanair passengers are allowed one small cabin bag, measuring a maximum of 35x20x20cm, and one larger bag, up to 55x40x20cm which will be checked in free of charge at the gate. This 5 Cities Holdall bag has been specifically to meet RYANAIR’S MAIN CABIN BAG LIMIT OF 35X20X20CM, ensuring you’ll be able to pack as much as you’re entitled to on each trip, and avoid any excess baggage charges. This compact bag slots perfectly under your seat and will be ideal for housing essentials for the journey such as headphones, snacks, books, money and your electronic devices. It features a adjustable shoulder strap, which allows you to convenient carry your bag on your shoulder when you board the plan. It also has a top handle for easy-carrying too. A handy front zipped compartment means that your money or passport can be kept away from the rest of your items, allowing for easy access. For added security, this bag comes with a key padlock that will help to secure your bag shut when required.